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"New Book Reveals A Counterintuitive Approach To Generate Predictable Daily Coaching Leads Without A Big Following"

While also not spending money on ads, being on socials all day OR bombarding strangers in the DM's!

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What is the 'Repeatable, Profitable & Scaleable System' And Why Will It Help You Get Clients Fast - With Predictability...
The Bespoke Repeatable, Profitable & Scaleable System is a counterintuitive approach to generating 10-50+ NEW coaching clients online every month...

...that allows you to finally have predictability in your lead generation without having to follow a one-size-fits-all approach, become a full time marketer or spend any money on ads.

We achieve this by giving you the most effective ways to generate predictable daily leads/sales online and show you how to cherry-pick the perfect 3-5 just for you. 

And as a result... you'll have multiple ways to generate new clients that you can rely on every month so you never have to rely on just one source of leads, be stressed out trying new strategies every week or worry about where the next lead and sale is coming from ever again.

Within one-two hours of reading this book you will already have your 3-5 perfect strategies - that suit you, your business and your lifestyle - chosen and ready to use to get your first clients - fast...
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Some Coaches Using The 10 x Unprecedented Growth Tools Detailed In This Book...

Your Next 10+ Coaching Clients Pocketbook Is The Shortcut To Predictable Coaching Leads

From: Neil 'Shoney' Mac
September 9th, 4:42pm
In the air (on my way back from a wedding...)

Before I created the 'Repeatable, Profitable & Scaleable System' For Coaches - I was struggling to grow my first business with predictability.

I was on the verge of giving up and I'm not even sure if I'm talking about business when I say that.

But I had committed to hundreds of thousands of pounds of investment in to something I needed to sell a mountain of tickets to, to simply break even on.

Nope, not the spare few hundred 'K' from the rich family member or investor...

I commitment to it all when I was £2k in my student overdraft.

You see, I was working the 22 hour days that the hustle culture told me was the answer...

And I was hammering the one-size-fits-all's banded around the internet as the "only" way to grow a business - with exactly zero return.

And months in to the commitment - and five months out from our first major event that was supposed to fill a room the size of 3x Old Traffords...

We had sold NOTHING.

Not one ticket.

Not one exhibition stand 😥

"But then I started looking for different answers..."

I tested so many different strategies and a few of them worked INCREDIBLY for me...

And I realised something that changed the game forever for me - and now for 1000's of coaches I've worked with over the past 6+ years:

All you need to create predictable leads and sales and a consistently growing coaching business is 3-5 strategies that perfectly align with you, your business and your goals.

No-one elses.

"Three Types of Coaches (Don't Be Type #1 or Type #2 - Please)"

Coach number #1 is me 'falling' for the one-size-fits-all models you everywhere.

"The only way to grow a coaching business in X year..."

It doesn't exist - and the sad reality is that the one-size-fits-all approaches work for less than 50% who implement in their prime.

Factor in that every single strategy breaks over time.

And one-size-fits-all approaches fast become "one-size-fits-next-to-nobody"...

Coach number #2 however... they are the opposite.

They have "shiny object syndrome"...

They try anything and everything, always have something new on the go and even when something works incredibly well...

They skip it and ask "what's next?!"

This coach will actually see glimmers of success.

But these 'glimmers' are short-lived as they ditch the 'working strategy' in exchange for the next shiny object that they see...

Coach #3 is rarely seen - but the majority of coaches who are earning six, seven and multi-seven figures fall in to it...

They don't have a one-size fits all.

Nor do they have 101 strategies overlapping.

They aren't the hardest working marketers in the room - because they don't need to be.

They have a small handful of strategies that are absolutely perfect for them and their coaching business only.

They repeat them every month knowing what they can expect from each strategy each time they do them.

They have the "accumulative" power of multiple strategies meaning multiple sources of leads and sales every single month - without having to worry about their "only route" to sales under-performing - or worse - breaking.

And within these strategies are working systems that need very little attention to keep them well oiled and firing month in, month out...

"Simply Choose 3-5 Strategies From 120+ I've Already Tried and Tested For You..."

After several years of trial-and-error, testing everything and figuring things out the hard way - I've found over 120 ways to generate leads/sales for a coaching business...

...and all you need to do is read the shortest, simplest and most effective marketing pocketbook written exclusively for coaches to discover the very best ones just for you.

Allowing you to leave with:

Your very own BESPOKE Repeatable, Profitable & Scaleable System (Unlocked)

The keys to the castle.

The only way to never rely on just one system (which can break overnight)

And never be spread too thin, juggling endless marketing endeavours at once...

And instead...

"Becoming certain in where the next lead and sale is always coming from"...

Only when you have this level of certainty can you be the coach, business owner, authority figure and human being outside of your business that you always wanted to be.

Uncertainty breeds bad sleep, stress, inability to switch off and most of all - a struggling, yo-yo-ing coaching business.

Always playing the lotto on the next week, next month and next quarter.

Turn on the certainty of having 3-5 strategies that are perfect for you and your coaching business only and a whole World of consistent growth and the confidence to be the coach, business owner, authority figure and human being outside of your business that you always wanted to be.
Our coaches using their very own 'Repeatable, Profitable and Scaleable System' cherry picked and bespoke to them and them only...

They're thriving.

Not only do they have certainly like never before in where the next lead and sale is always coming from...

And have the consistency of growing income that this oozes.

They report win after win after win in their personal lives - even in the videos below that make this sound like a self-development system as well as a business growth shortcut.

And that's the power of predictability in leads and sales.

Like MarK Cuban once said "Sales solves everything"

And as much as that may sound like "Sales solves everything in business"...

I'd argue - having only worked with a few thousand coaches over the past six-seven years...

That the impact on everything outside of business is dramatically impacted too - as soon as they have certainty in where the business will be hours/days after they switch off in any given moment.

Your Next 10+ Coaching Clients Pocketbook

The 36 Page Marketing Blueprint That Gives Online Coaches An Unfair Advantage...

Inside The Counterintuitive Book Simplifying The Route To Predictable Leads And Sales... Here's Some of What You'll Discover...

It's not just no-fluff and 36 pages of exactly what has worked for 1000's of coaches before you dropped directly in to your letterbox. It's also microscopically detailed, made step-by-step and instantly actionable so it translates rapidly in to growth, predictability and certainty...
  • How to ditch the one-size-fits-all and adopt a one-size-fits-you approach to generating clients
  • ​How to choose the perfect strategies just for you based upon your working hours and income goals
  • ​​How to retain and ascend current clients to dramatically increase revenue (so marketing becomes a plus and no longer a must) 
  • ​​The 5 key styles of revenue-generating daily content most coaches aren't using but are untapped goldmines for simultaneously engaging and selling... 
  • ​How to build a repeatable system that requires very little energy but the outcome is super predictable (so you never have to worry about where the next lead/sale is coming from ever again
  • ​The 5 best hyper-growth systems that can generate leads/sales 365 days a year (often without your input)
  • ​​How to build a 'Super-Spike Offer' that can organically generate more clients from one social media post than you've had in the last 90 days (too many examples of this happening to drop here...)
  • A full menu of simple 2-5 minute strategies that can generate daily leads and sales (simply pick and choose yours to build your new daily lead generator - no DM-ing strangers required...) 
  • ​How to perfect and maximise every 90 days by taking the books contents and formulating your bespoke 90 day masterplan (that cuts your marketing time in half, triples your incoming leads and maximises your sales)

5 Life-Changing Outcomes Of Implementing The Bullets Above In To Your Coaching Business...

  • #1: You'll finally have predictability in where the next lead/sale is always coming from giving you certainty in the monthly and yearly growth of your coaching business...  
  • ​​#2: Predictability and certainty creates amazing coaches who fall back in love with what they do - no longer feeling like full-time marketers stressing day-to-day...
  • ​​#3: Predictability and certainty creates amazing partners, family members and friends who can finally be truly present outside of 'the office' - knowing they'll step back in to more leads and more sales when they return...
  • ​#4 You'll have removed the assumption that the difficulty and complexity of your marketing dictates the outcome (it's actually the opposite
  • #5: You'll unlock your true business and personal potential - no longer held back by a lack of leads and sales you can dictate your goals and what you'll willing to do to take your business to where you want to take it...

Let's Do This - Send Me Your Address...

Your new unfair marketing advantage right in to your letterbox

This limited launch batch costs me more to print and ship than you'll get it for. It ain't no PDF that'll keep your downloads company. It's a physical book that will change your coaching business and life forever, delivered to your door for just £1 today...

"But I'm Not Good At All The Techy-Stuff

 (Or I Can't Afford It)"

I've got you, Coach.

Your Next 10+ Coaching Clients Strategies are jam-packed full of strategies that cost exactly nothing, can be done within minutes - without any complicated software - and are proven to grow brand new coaching businesses right through to the multiple health, fitness and wellness coaching clients we've taken past 7-figures.

All you have to do is invest less than the price of the worst 'small' black coffee you've ever thrown past your lips (Only £1.99) to get this dropped through your letterbox - sent immediately today.

You could wait to pay RRP after the launch - and Black Friday - special, but right now, I want to send you one for £1.99 (delivered) when you fill out the information on this page!

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

Big Mistake: Don't Look at This as £1.99 of Value...

As consumers we regularly use price as an indicator of value...

However, we're known for running a value-first coaching business (let us show you what we can do for you for free or very small cost before you decide to work with us closely or not)

We don't cold outbound DM.

We don't have appointment setters.

We don't have a team of VA's.

We don't have ads running to fill our calendars.

Because we're capable of delivering an incredible result most have never experienced - even when spending thousands - at this price point.

Heck, our 5 day FREE challenge had someone make £55k of cash-collected coaching sales - in the 5 days + another 5 days (when he had handled the crazy inbound leads he got from our copy-and-paste methods discussed in this book).

So there's no "tease" here. 

It's the most practical 2-3 hour read you'll ever go through.

Zero fluff - all proven and all customisable to YOU and your coaching business for a book that truly delivers a bespoke experience...

But The Train Is Leaving The Station...

Here's why...

It costs me more to print and deliver this than you'll actually get it for in this launch - and Black Friday - special. But I want those who are serious and eager to grow their coaching businesses to experience this book.

The value of the copy-and-paste methods detailed inside is so high that I'm willing to lose on it, knowing the impact it will have on the handful of coaches who manage to get their hands on it.

My Quite Literally Stupid Guarantee...

I 100% guarantee that you'll love this book, and you'll say that it's the most crazy value in a £1.99 purchase you've ever made in to your coaching business OR... I'll refund and you can keep the book for fire-paper 😐

Sound fair?

Where Should I Send Your Book?

I'll send the physical book to your doorstep today for less than the price to print and send!

Ships Immediately

Psst... Even More Coaches Using The 10 x Unprecedented Growth Tools Detailed In This Book...

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