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Here's What You'll Get in 36 pages of gold dropped in to your letter box: 
  • How to ditch the one-size-fits-all and adopt a one-size-fits-you approach to generating clients
  • How to choose the right strategies for you based upon your working hours and income goals
  • ​How to retain and ascend current clients to dramatically increase revenue (so marketing becomes a plus and no longer a must) 
  • ​The 5 key styles of content most coaches aren't using but are untapped goldmines for simultaneously engaging and selling...
  • How to build a repeatable system that requires very little energy but the outcome is super predictable (so you never have to worry about where the next lead/sale is coming from ever again)
  • ​The 5 best hyper-growth systems that can generate leads/sales 365 days a year (and are only limited by your want/need to use them)
  • ​How to build a 'Super-Spike Offer' that can organically generate more clients from one social media post than you've had in the last 90 days (too many examples of this happening to drop here...)
  • A menu of simple 2-5 minute strategies that can generate daily leads and sales (simply pick and choose yours to build your new daily lead generator - no DM-ing strangers required...)
  • ​How to perfect and maximise every 90 days by taking the books contents and formulating your bespoke 90 day masterplan (that cuts your marketing time in half, triples your incoming leads and maximises your sales)

"I've been in multiple coaching programs over the years - but there's nothing like this in terms of producing consistent leads and sales for my coaching business"

- Odhran McCorry  |  Melbourne, Australia

"I actually thought my coaching business wasn't the type that could have massive spikes until I joined Neil. 10 premium clients in 9 days is more than we usually onboard in a month!"

- Jen Kay  |  UK

"I spend less time marketing and more time either coaching or spending time with my family. The repeatable systems have been a game changer inside and outside of my business"

- Matty Nagle  |  UK

"Neil makes everything simple. Sometimes it feels so simple that you question whether it'll work - and then it does. Again and again and again."

- Cara Treadwell  |  UK

"I've gone from randomly spraying content and hoping it hits, to feeling like a bloody sniper. Literally all of Neil's strategies he's chosen for me have worked."

- Jack Mitchell  |  UK

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If you implement what I show you in this book, and don't see a positive ROI in just 30 days, I'll refund you every single penny. That's how confident I am that you'll love it.

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